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ShekharKolipaka conducts applied research on small wildcats and other carnivores. Within his study area in Madhya Pradesh he started a conservation and research project in 2013 to ensure the survival of the regions rare and threated carnivores like caracals, asiatic wildcats and wolves. He takes a view that if the conservation of these rare and endangered animals is undertaken within the tiger landscape, small cats and other carnivores will be doubly ensured of continuous resources, which are otherwise hard to generate for such species, that can be used for their conservation in the region. Caracals have been his favorite cat species for a long time and with this project he has been successful to fully train and involves local community groups in the conservation of the rare caracal.

Shekhar is also a PhD researcher at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Developmental Sociology & Institute of Environmental Sciences at Leiden University in The Netherlands. In his work he integrates aspects of cultural anthropology and wildlife ecology to find solutions to carnivore survival in human dominated landscapes. His current research focuses on Human-wildlife interactions: Can large predators like tigers survive in multi-use landscapes of India?

In his earlier work he examined Prospects of implementing a coexistence agenda within the multi-use buffer zone of the Panna Tiger Reserve. The project findings were directly used to guide local stakeholder interactions and improve their support for Panna Tiger Reintroduction Project. The work was conducted between 2009 and Nov 2013.

He has an MSc in environmental sciences from University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, an M-Phil in Natural Resource Management from Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal and a Masters in Business Management from Symbiosis IMS, Pune, India.

His published books include, “Caracals in India”: The forgotten cats and “A field guide to the Tracks and Signs of Indian Wildlife”. His new and more comprehensive field guide on the Tracks and Signs of Indian wildlife will be out for sale this year. His research at Panna will be published as a book Managing stakeholders of Panna Tiger Reserve: An action research experiment will be available in 2015.

This website has information on his ongoing projects. For specific information or for volunteer opportunities write to Shekhar at

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